Seems every Hollywood A list celebrity has a cosmetic line or is partnering with a major cosmetic company. We LOVE it! We manufacture short run folding cartons – That mean many sku’s with low quantity. We recently did cosmetic packaging that had 24 versions of art. We are talking about eyeshadow boxes, lip liner boxes, retai [...]

We have all heard the old adage “Packaging Sells”.  When you buy an Apple product the unboxing of your new phone or even Apple accessory is an experience like no other.  In fact, Steve Jobs said, “Packaging can be theater, it can create a story”. Unfortunately we all cannot create Apple style packaging for a number of [...]

As companies use social marketing to promote their products, the use of “influencer Kits” or “Influencer Boxes” has been introduced and created a new market for creative packaging.  These kits are created to give that great reveal or presentation to the products exciting the potential Social Media Influencer. This type [...]