10 Holiday Gifts You Should Probably Just Keep for Yourself

02 Dec 

10 Holiday Gifts You Should Probably Just Keep for Yourself

We at The Yebo Group work with thousands of companies and products each year. Designing and manufacturing premium packaging is our passion. These are just a few of the products and packaging we fell in love with this year.

Xoelle Bowtie

1. XOElle

Laura the owner of XOElle, creates rad bowties for awesome people. This is the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life. Her bowties bring a pop of color and fun personality to any outfit. Laura handcrafts everything to breathe new life into vintage and secondhand materials to create her amazing bowties. She once even used the billiard felt from her lake house’s pool table.

Pink Papyrus Dog Box

2. Pink Papyrus

Pink Papyrus offers luxury leashes, collars, and bandanas for the 4 legged family members in our lives. All year long they’ve given you nothing but unconditional love, it’s about time to treat them to something special this holiday season. There is no reason man’s best friend can’t look fabulous while going for their daily walk. With an easy to pull grommet hole you are able to stylishly store your dog’s waste bag in their BFF mini bags. The rope leashes and leather products are made with organic cotton and vegan leather.

Artisan Craft Cocktail Box

3. Artisan Craft Cocktails

Spread some holiday cheer with Artisan Craft Cocktails. This is the perfect gift for the amateur mixologist in your life. The Trio gift set combines their top 3 selling cocktails, King Kong, The Artisan, and Huntington Peach. King Kong is a show stopper, with rye whiskey, vanilla, and banana liqueur. The Artisan inspired by the classic Manhattan cocktail, a complementary combination of rye whiskey, bitters, vanilla liqueur and Italian cordial. Last but not least the Huntington Peach is like a nice southern summer breeze of rye whiskey with peach and orange liqueurs. These cocktails are ready to drink, just simply pour over ice or shake it up with some of your own mixers.

Rawlogy Green Box

4. Rawlogy

For the avid athlete, hiker, and adventurer. Recently earning the title of “Best Recovery Tool” and “Best Gift for Hikers.” The simple but effective cork massage ball helps to manage muscle aches, tension, and everyday body pain. This product is totally eco-friendly all the way down to the green packaging. The massage ball helps is a natural remedy to help restore your body’s mobility and recover faster. They even offer a free library of self-massage techniques to help you get started using the massage ball.

Candle Box Truelux

5. Truelux

Set the mood and bring some warmth into the home with these fragrant candles. Oh, did we forget to mention it’s also lotion? When the candle is lit it warms the natural butter and oils in the candle to transform into a silky-smooth lotion. It begins to melt at only two degrees above body temperature which is optimal for soothing massages. With scents like spearmint, coconut, and Mexican vanilla there is a candle for everyone. Just in time for the holidays, Truelux has released their Christmas Trio. These little orange candle boxes are a perfect addition to under the Christmas tree.

Soap Box Arm Bar

6. Arm Bar Soap

Arm Bar Soap is a 1 – 2 punch in the fight against body odor and fungus. The hand-crafted soap is made in small batches to ensure high quality and consistency in every bar of soap. Each batch is lab-tested Jiu-jitsu expert and Arm Bar soap founder Chad Hospodar wanted to provide an all-natural solution for after training funk. With ingredients like coconut milk, honey, and essential oils it leaves any athlete squeaky clean and healthy.

Sunglass Box WeeFarers

7. WeeFarers

Sunglasses for the stylish little ones. WeeFarers sunglasses are made by parents to be safe and durable. Help to protect the children in your life from the harsh UV rays that could damage their eyes. The material was specially selected to be durable, flexible, and tantrum proof. With no BPA or Phthalates it’s FDA-approved which means it’s safe to chew on, because let’s be honest, you know they will. They provide 100% UV protection and polarized lenses to reduce iconic style. Every pair of sunglasses comes with a full year warranty, so if you lose or damage them you can get a free replacement- guaranteed.

Gift Box Foodiez Goodiez

8. Foodiez Goodiez

Foodiez Goodiez is a new type of food gift box. Inside each monthly box you’ll receive artisan snacks and goodiez. All the snacks are locally sourced with the purpose to support small family owned businesses, farmers, and women owned businesses. There is something for everyone in each box, ranging from chocolate covered pretzels to fancy olive tapenades. Something we all know your aunt would enjoy. You’ll discover new favorite snacks every month.

Sock Box Southern Scholar

9. Southern Scholar

Sock Fanatics rejoice! Southern Scholar offers a rainbow of colored dress socks and designs for your every mood. Too often business attire is repetitive and colorless. The subtle accent of color adds a touch of personal expression to the modern-day professional’s attire. With their monthly subscription it’s the holiday gift that keeps on giving all year long. Did we forget to mention they offer ties and pocket squares too. If you don’t love the pair you get in the mail, send it back and swap it out or get a refund with no question asked.

Straw Box Hummingbird Straws

10. Hummingbird Straws

Something for the eco-conscious family member. This way you can still enjoy your juice/smoothie without the guilt of using a single-use plastic straw. Made from safe durable glass these straws are made to last with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Not to mention, their glass wild straws are sure to become your kid’s new favorite straw. The cute little glass critter sits on the end of the straw and encourages smart eco-friendly decisions from your kids. They are also dishwasher safe so it makes clean up a breeze.

The Yebo Group Packaging Solution

We are proud to have manufactured the packaging for each of these products. Each company worked directly with a Yebo packaging expert. Each required its own individual custom packaging that fulfilled a variety of needs like dynamic displays and shipping protection. Ranging from coffin-shaped to boxes with windows, we were able to fulfill all their needs.

Do you need help with custom packaging?

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