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Five Reasons Why Custom Printing Can Elevate Your Brand

5 Reasons Why Custom Printing Can Elevate Your Brand 


While The Yebo Group focuses on helping start-ups and big corporations create innovative custom printed boxes and packaging, we also provide the industry's most advanced custom printing options. While visionary packaging might seem like enough to stand apart, establishing a standard of custom printing can elevate your company to unexplored heights. Likewise, the possibilities are endless when it comes to printed marketing collateral. Everything from direct mail to brochures to business cards is included in the category and each entity has its advantages.


Below you'll find five reasons why utilizing custom printing can help elevate your brand. 

  1. Help Meet New Leads 
    • When you attend sales meetings and events with potential clients, it's important to create leave-behind assets that remind viable leads about your brand. More than a business card, these assets can range from postcards to complete brochures and share more information or visuals than a simple business card. Further, they allow for more creativity to prove that your brand appreciates the details.
  2.  Creates A Personal Connection
    • Specifically, receiving a piece of physical mail creates a much longer-lasting connection than something digital such as an email. According to USPS, "More than 70% of Gen X consumers feel mail is more personal than online digital communications and are more likely to read promotional mail than emails." With the rise of digital overstimulation, it makes sense to break away and create unique, custom-printed assets with which potential and current clients can physically immerse. 
  3. Helps Improve Brand Image
    • If you can create well-designed and informative marketing collateral, you can elevate your brand's image instantly. Something as simple as a beautiful flyer within a custom-printed package can create an impressive, memorable touchpoint.
  4. Creates Brand Loyalty 
    • While custom-printed packages are typically sent to those who request them, custom marketing materials can be sent to existing customers as a reminder about your business. For example, suppose your company has recently expanded into offering new services or products. In that case, you can send a well-designed brochure about them to a customer you've done business with in the past. This not only proves to the customer that you value their loyalty, but you can efficiently remind them of your brand. 
  5. Demonstrates Your Brand's Worth Off-Line
    • If your brand is able to send premium, beautifully designed marketing collateral, it creates the opportunity for customers to capture the professional level of your company entirely. In a digital world, proving that your brand values the tangible instantly sets your brand apart from the masses. 

Designing and delivering high-quality printed marketing materials and collateral is a team effort. The Yebo Group has professional experts ready to help you take your marketing collateral to the next level. 


First, we allocate a dedicated expert to guide your project from idea to final product. Your loyal consultant will source and monitor all aspects of production to ensure quality, efficiency, and timeliness. This single-source contact approach minimizes communication levels and helps you get updates or confirm orders by contacting the person handling your project. From door hangers to table tents and catalogs to brochures, no matter what marketing materials or collateral your brand needs, we ensure an elevated experience.

About Yebo: 

The Yebo Group is an all-in-one packaging and printing solution. Whether you're a startup or a big corporation, Yebo amplifies the impact of your product by providing the most advanced custom printing and packaging options in the industry.

As a trusted packaging manufacturer located in Orange County, we work with some of the biggest brands. Continuously solving our customer's packaging needs while challenging the packaging industry standards.

Our goal is to inspire consumer packaging solutions for the world. Yebo has made this a hallmark of our success by partnering with our clients and growing with them. Simply put, we’re not just a vendor but a qualified extension of your team. We believe that good packaging delivers products, but great packaging creates inspirational brands.

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