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Corrugated Mailer with Adhesive and Tear Strips

Corr Mailer with box
19 Sep 

Corrugated Mailer with Adhesive and Tear Strips

On the last post you saw our good looking black Nubo, rigid 2-piece set up box.  Yebo! created this corrugated mailer to hold the black box for shipping.  The black box fits snuggly into the mailer, leaving just enough room for the dust flaps to tuck into each side of the box, holding it securely for shipping.  Also, the mailer lid wraps around the front of the box and tucks underneath, where the self-adhesive tape attaches, holding the lid securely closed. The top of the box is now ready to adhere an address/postage label and the tear strip under the box  will make opening easy for the recipient.

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