End of Year Letter from Yebo CEO and Founder

Yebo CEO
22 Dec 

End of Year Letter from Yebo CEO and Founder

Andrew Tosh – Yebo Group President and Founder

As we approach the end of 2020, I would like to take a moment to reflect on this year and our past as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

We have come along way since our humble beginnings 10 years ago in a spare bedroom, just hoping to make ends meet. We have been blessed with how quickly Yebo has grown since then. Going from a 100sq.ft room to a 1200 sq.ft industrial to a 3500sq.ft. manufacturing facility to a 12k sq.ft. manufacturing plant to now a 42k sq.ft. full functioning print and packaging manufacturing facility we have really been blessed! Our unwavering commitment to meet and exceed our customer expectations is one of the keys to our success. If we did not have creative customers and a staff that could turn those ideas into custom boxes and packaging we would not be as successful. Today we employ over 80 people, supporting 2 full-time shifts to provide our customers with the true Yebo! experience. As always we would not be at this level without our employees’ commitment to caring about the products we produce and our customers. I am optimistic to see what the next 10 years bring us.

2011 Yebo Group – Andrew Tosh

2019 Yebo Group – Andrew Tosh
2019 Yebo Group – Andrew Tosh

As for this year, what a year it’s been. The Yebo Group in spite of what 2020 has brought us, we continued to deliver our very best for you. This year has been a year of development, expansion and growth. I am proud and inspired by the way we have navigated through this year. Amidst all the changes, we have risen to the occasion and shown more than ever the resourcefulness, determination, and heart of our team. This is all thanks again to everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Since moving into our new location in late 2019, we have made Tustin, CA our home.
With the new space, we have continued to grow our family, production capabilities, and with the addition of our new press and other machines, that we installed this year, we’ve set ourselves up to continue supporting your businesses. As we avail to you and our future customers of our expanded printing and packaging solutions.

We recognize the role we play in our communities is more important than ever. As storefronts temporarily close, companies’ packaging has now become the first experience many customers have with companies and brands. It is vital that we treat every customer with the highest dedication and responsibility. With this mentality, we have been able to continuously produce great service and confidence with our customers.

Everything we have done in 2020 is intended to continue reaching our goal. After 10 years our goal has not changed and it’s in our name…. Yebo! Yes, we can help you.

There is no instruction manual for times like these but we are certain of new exciting and challenging times await in 2021. We are taking the opportunity to develop new solutions that’ll further our professional expertise and commitment to providing the best products for you. More than ever we are confident with the team, culture, and skill we have at the Yebo Group. We have never been better placed to continue reaching our goal and saying yes, especially during these times.

Thank you for your business and commitment to The Yebo Group. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Andrew Tosh
President/CEO, The Yebo Group

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