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How To Choose a Custom Box - From Substrates to Accessories

Choosing a custom-printed box can seem daunting. There are many different types of boxes and accessories, not to mention the material that goes into the construction of your custom packaging. To help guide you with your decision, here are some key factors to consider. 


In the packaging world, substrates refer to the material that serves as the base for printing. There are three major common substrates used to make printed boxes. Here’s a breakdown of what goes into each type. 

Corrugated or Cardboard Boxes  

Corrugated or Cardboard Boxes are made by combining three paper layers to create a thick substrate, starting with the inner liner. The “medium” is the middle wave section and that determines the thickness. The outside liner is the smoothest and that’s the part on which any print component will go. Keep in mind, we provide printing services that enable customization on both the outside and inside of your packaging, depending on your specific project.  

Custom-branded, corrugated-based creations are best-used for mailing and shipping boxes, or heavier retail items. 

Folding Cartons or Chipboard Boxes 

In the paper and print industry, the thickness of a substrate is typically measured in points. One point equals 1/1000th of an inch, so the higher the number of points, the thicker the substrate.  

Folding Cartons are constructed from chipboard made into a thickness between 10 pt to 28 pt. Printing is done directly onto the substrate, which is then converted into boxes.  

 Custom folding cartons are best suited for smaller boxes or retail packaging, including Cosmetics, Supplements, Cereal and Cannabis packaging. 

Turned Edge Boxes or Rigid Boxes 

The third custom-printed box option is called Rigid, or Turned Edge packaging. This choice is constructed by using solid chipboard from 40pt to 120pt. The chipboard is wrapped in offset printed sheets or various book cloths (similar to a hardcover book) to create your custom box. These stylized boxes are ready to use. They can be easily opened and filled with product upon arrival at the destination.  

Custom-printed rigid boxes are ideal for promotional packaging, gift boxes and packaging prototypes. 


Once you’ve decided on the substrate for your custom printed box, you should consider these three accessories. 

Foam Packaging Inserts 

Foam inserts have a dual purpose. Not only do they act as essential cushioning to protect your items during shipment, they also provide a unique presentation opportunity. Customize your foam inserts to the products inside your printed box and deliver an exceptional unboxing experience. 

Box Inserts 

In any box presentation, what’s on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside. Custom packaging inserts help accentuate the unique nature of the product inside; they can be made from the same material as your printed box, or from something entirely different. And the best part? These inserts can be customized to fit any budget – and any box. Custom packaging inserts are constructed from chipboard, corrugated cardboard, foam and other rigid or semi-rigid materials depending on the required finished product. 

Box Partitions 

After all the effort that went into finishing your custom box with elements like embellishments or specialty coatings, the last thing you want is damage caused by items rubbing up against the other. Box Partitions can be created in a variety of configurations by matching the number of cells, and their depth, to the products within, ensuring the safe shipment and arrival of custom boxes. These custom-made box partitions can be produced in different cardboard thicknesses, in any number of colors and in all sizes.  


While this may seem like a lot of information to process, when it comes to choosing a custom box, it’s important to know that our professional team is ready and willing to help guide you with your purchase. We know that you can pick any box off a retail shelf and hope it works, but more often than not, you won’t be completely satisfied with the result.  


We’ve had plenty of experience when it comes to creating custom printed boxes and offer a wide variety of custom box solutions that can be matched to suit your budget and requirements. We also offer printed boxes, custom printed boxes, folding cartons, and custom packaging. 


Whatever your requirements, whether it’s a specialty box for a new marketing plan, a one-of-a-kind box to support the launch of a new product, or a prototype box for a new brand, the Yebo Group is ready to provide you with your very own custom box solution. 

Consider the Yebo Group as your all-in-one, custom packaging and printing partners. Ready to create your custom box? Contact a member of our team today.  

About Yebo: 

The Yebo Group is an all-in-one packaging and printing solution. Whether you're a startup or a big corporation, Yebo amplifies the impact of your product by providing the most advanced custom printing and packaging options in the industry.

As a trusted packaging manufacturer located in Orange County, we work with some of the biggest brands. Continuously solving our customer's packaging needs while challenging the packaging industry standards.

Our goal is to inspire consumer packaging solutions for the world. Yebo has made this a hallmark of our success by partnering with our clients and growing with them. Simply put, we’re not just a vendor but a qualified extension of your team. We believe that good packaging delivers products, but great packaging creates inspirational brands.

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