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Old Spice

0131 Old Spice (Taupe Suitcase) L
23 Apr 

Old Spice

Paul Kokinakas with Kokinakas Design, an advertising agency called us up and asked if we could go to work with him on a project he had. The project was with the NFL, and the very well-known company and brand, Old Spice. Research was done, and after a phone call from Paul, we all went to work to manufacture and create this! In 2014 and 2015, Old Spice arranged to have these boxes manufactured for all of the kids that were being drafted into the NFL. After sitting in a room all day, waiting to hear your name called to see what Football team they had been drafted to, they received this gift that was waiting for them on the beds in their hotel rooms. Nicely done Old Spice! Glad to have been a part of this!0130 Old Spice (Red Suitcase) L0132 Old Spice ( Wooden Suitcase) L0131 Old Spice (Taupe Suitcase) L

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