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Packaging Foam Environmentally Friendly?

07 May 

Packaging Foam Environmentally Friendly?

"Green Packaging Foam"

A sustainable Eco-friendly packaging foam

Natural Packaging Polyurethane Foam by Foamex Innovations

Foamex has a deep commitment to producing “Eco-Friendly” polyurethane foams. Their Variable Pressure Foam Technology has created a great performing packaging foam that is virtually emissions-free. VPF is the most environmentally friendly process for the manufacture of polyurethane foams worldwide.
PolyPlank® Renewby Pregis
PolyPlank® Renewplank foam, a closed-cell foam, is easy to fabricate, resilient and provides excellent non-abrasive properties. PolyPlank® Renewplank foam contains at least 60% and up to 100% recycled pre-consumer raw material content. This makes it an environmentally sensible solution to today’s waste and pollution concerns.
Both of these great Environmentally Friendly products address end-customers and consumer’s environmental concerns. Contact Yebo to “green” your protective packaging needs.

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  1. Polystyrenesays:

    Hi. Packaging materials to be shipped with foam packaging is must for the protection of the goods, but using eco-friendly polyurethane foams will also protect environment. Its great if you can contribute something to preventing pollution by using these foams. They are emission free and made of recycled material. Thanx for sharing this information with everyone. I appreciate your initiative.

    Best Regards,

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