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Top 5 Trends in Cosmetic Packaging of the Stars

Celebrity Cosmetic Packaging


Seems like every Hollywood A-List celebrity has launched a cosmetic line, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga just to name a few. Many launch their own line while others are partnering with major makeup, hair, or skincare companies. Star power is pushing the cosmetic packaging industry to new heights. Their massive fan bases have become the driving force to establish themselves as stakeholders in the ever-growing and changing cosmetic industry. Most notably since 2015, Kylie Jenner has stepped out of the shadow of her older sister, Kim Kardashian, and created Kylie Cosmetics. Within a short time, she has been able to build a cosmetic empire that rivals the like of long-standing companies like Revlon, and Mac Cosmetics. In March 2019, Forbes declared the then 21-year-old, the world's youngest "self-made" billionaire. Forbes also reported that fellow celebrity Rihanna who launched Fenty Beauty brand sold almost $600 million worth in cosmetic product within the first fifteen months.

Celebrities are seizing a large slice of the cosmetic industry using custom packaging to grab consumers' attention. By maximizing their product art all while reducing unnecessary material and costs with Yebo. ~ JoyDeep Bhattacharya, Yebo Cosmetic Packaging Consultant    

If you want to grab a piece of the $93.5 billion-dollar cosmetic industry for yourself, here are the top 5 packaging trends from celebrity-endorsed cosmetics lines.

Minimalistic Packaging Design

People that buy celebrity-endorsed cosmetics may be looking for a product that promises the luxurious look or lifestyle of a celebrity. Minimalistic printed designs focus on highlighting the celebrity's name or the product name with a solid color, foil, or faint gradation. Selena Gomez‚ Rare Beauty packaging design is simple and only has text on colored or white packaging. A common pallet of pastels and earthy colors flood the cosmetic market. Bold blacks, jeweled tones, and bright colors break up the uniformity of retail shelves and show brand personality. The most recognizable beauty and cosmetic brands have a uniformed color or look.

Inserts and Dynamic Displays

Inserts allow for the makeup to be secure in their packaging during shipping with the ability to be dynamically displayed prominently in the same shipping packaging. Inserts are a favorite of Kylie Jenner, who has even used corrugated inserts in her folding carton packaging which adds additional durability to her product line. Imagine eagerly waiting a week for the latest eye shadow to arrive, only to discover it has been smashed to pieces by the mail courier and it's been sold out so you can't get a replacement for another month. It's important for a cosmetic product to arrive safely and not compromised when on display. Adding an insert makes the packaging feel more solid and trustworthy.

Foil and Holographic

If you're looking for a glitz and glam look, nothing is more glamourous than adding something shiny. Similar to magpies, celebrities have been drawn to adding shiny accents to their packaging like:

  1.  Gold
  2.  Silver
  3.  Holographic

Foil has been huge for celebrity makeup artists Jeffree Star and Manny Mua. When Yebo partnered with Wet-n-wild for their nail collection they requested all silver foil board. Jeffree Star and Manny Mua were already big fans of holographic materials but when they did a collab bundle the entire insert was holographic. The holographic foil gives the packaging a whimsical "dreamy" look which fits with the general theme of moon and stars. The reflective material complements the contrast in the dark print.

Coatings and Finishes

Various coatings can provide a luxurious texture that brands love. Yebo Group utilizes a flood coat that offers a full body-texture that adds to the complete unboxing experience. These coatings also help to preserve and protect the packaging from moisture. No one wants a soggy package. It ensures the package will arrive as beautiful as when it was made The most popular finishes Yebo Group uses for cosmetics packaging are:

  1. Soft Touch Coating: It absorbs light and has a smooth velvety like texture that emanates a luxurious feel
  2. Gloss Coating: Like a new car it‚ smooth and shiny

Sometimes multiple coatings are used to highlight various areas of the packaging such as words and the logos. Gloss can be used as an economical design alternative to metallic foils. It still provides a reflective coating without the additional fees of a metallic foil.


Many celebs like internet personality James Charles, built their brand on social media and thrive off of being a hip, social media-savvy brand. High-end packaging encourages social media shares and should be considered a marketing investment. When selecting the optimal design for their product packaging, stars ask themselves, is it visually appealing and Instagramable or share-worthy? With custom-designed packaging, they are able to create uniquely shaped packaging that stands out from the traditional rectangular box.


Custom packaging is a must for cosmetics to develop a captivating brand. When it comes to printing designs on the box, less is more, and celebrities usually focus on the name or branding. To emit the extravagant celebrity lifestyle, accents like foils, coatings, finishes, and inserts are important. Inserts also can reduce unforeseen product damages during transit. Custom packaging has the highest potential for being worthy of being shared across all social media platforms by raving fans.

The Yebo Group Packaging Solution

Yebo Group is pleased to be a trusted partner to some of the top makeup brands. Stars are bringing light to the importance of cosmetic packaging. The industry found comfort in it's simple but elegant ways but these stars have shaken up the status quo by implementing more elaborate and complex packaging. Whether you need a simple packaging solution or an elaborate high-end box, we at Yebo can help. Our packaging experts stay on top of all of the latest trends so they know how to make your product stand out. We are a packaging manufacturer, which means we can handle any size project and you will receive the best result. We also manufacture short run folding cartons. That means many skus with low quantity. We recently completed a clients cosmetic packaging that had 24 versions of art. We are talking about eyeshadow boxes, lip liner boxes, retail boxes for foundation, and lip gloss boxes. These packages were custom printed, foil stamped, and treated with Spot UV gloss with the quantity per version of just 1,000 pieces. These were initial product launch cosmetic boxes for a dynamic new cosmetic company based in Los Angeles, CA. When you need someone to handle your short-run retail box needs, we have a dedicated team of packaging specialists to get you the answers you need. Our packaging experts will work with you every step of the way. See some additional cosmetic packaging and boxes we are proud of here. Not only have we done retail cosmetic boxes, but we also specialize in Influencer kits and custom mailer boxes to help market your new cosmetic products. With new brands and private label cosmetics, we can be your source for quick turnaround and small quantities. Then when your brand grows, we willl be here to help you expand.

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