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The Yebo Group Earns it's FSC Certification

The Yebo Group Earns it's FSC Certification

While creating packaging that stands out from an innovation perspective is highly important, it's just as essential to be mindful of the materials and sustainability efforts used to make the packaging itself. At YEBO Group, we are honored to say that we have received our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.


This certification indicates that our packaging is constructed from materials that are from responsibly managed forests, meaning that our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. The Forest Stewardship Council believes in supporting the world's forests, and at YEBO, we have sixteen principles, including one of our principles: “Leave it better than you found it”. “This is something our company strives for daily in all of our departments, and the FSC certification drives it home," comments Nancy Allen, the ISO/SQF/FSN/Lean Manager at Yebo Group.


Because consumers are starting to become more conscious of environmentally related issues, especially in association with packaging, buyers are now preferring brands that value sustainability within their packaging and products. As a result, these same consumers will pay a premium price for these sustainably motivated brands, providing the logic of proceeding in a more sustainable direction, both for environmental and consumer-driven motivations.



“Leave it better than you found it”. “This is something our company strives for daily in all of our departments, and the FSC certification drives it home," Nancy Allen

However, while consumers value sustainability, many don't yet know how to ensure the products they're purchasing are truly as sustainable as possible. By supplying FSC Certified packaging, we guarantee that our clients can simultaneously benefit their bottom line and the environment while providing precisely what their consumers search for in terms of sustainability. In addition, our clients and their consumers can quickly verify that the packaging is FSC Certified. "Our "check tree" label can be found on millions of products and stands alone as the most trusted mark for responsible forestry. Recognized by 56% of consumers worldwide, it verifies sustainable sourcing from forest to consumer," states the FSC website.


The FSC association is known for using a highly rigorous forest certification program, and members include reputable nonprofit organizations as well-known as Greenpeace and WWF. This esteemed accreditation verifies that all groups within the supply chain have accurately demonstrated that the materials come from FSC-certified forests. This also guarantees that the materials are sustainability provided and that the end product is as ecological as promised.


Furthermore, the certification helps accelerate new markets and ensures social benefits to the workers and local people employed by the council, facilitating both economic and environmental benefits to those that need it most. By becoming FSC-certified, retailers and suppliers are able to enhance their reputation, provide assurances concerning ethical and ecological standards and develop more meaningful connections with their clients.

An additional pillar of the FSC's policy is the importance of traceability. Executing a chain of custody means that all parties involved in the selling and processing of FSC materials, including forest proprietors, producers, and wholesalers, are accountable for the traceability of FSC-certified products. This enables products to be tracked from the very tree in the forest to the final product sold.


We at YEBO value the FSC certification, and many companies also have policies that state a preference for FSC-certified products, proving consumers' need for this certification. Gradually, consumers are desiring FSC-certified products in retail stores, and some governments even require FSC certifications. As a result, companies with FSC-certified products can enter various markets.


We are proud to be able to deliver custom-printed boxes and packaging for start-ups and global brands while also keeping sustainability at the forefront of our designs. This certification benefits our clients, helps with their brand perception, and ensures a guarantee of sustainability, and we're honored to now offer this credential to our clients.

About Yebo: 

The Yebo Group is an all-in-one packaging and printing solution. Whether you're a startup or a big corporation, Yebo amplifies the impact of your product by providing the most advanced custom printing and packaging options in the industry.

As a trusted packaging manufacturer located in Orange County, we work with some of the biggest brands. Continuously solving our customer's packaging needs while challenging the packaging industry standards.

Our goal is to inspire consumer packaging solutions for the world. Yebo has made this a hallmark of our success by partnering with our clients and growing with them. Simply put, we’re not just a vendor but a qualified extension of your team. We believe that good packaging delivers products, but great packaging creates inspirational brands.

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