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Our experienced team will work with you to identify and implement the perfect packaging solution!

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We want to know everything about your project. The more details that we know, the easier it will be for us to come up with a solution for you!

  • If you know what you want, find your package in the products area and submit a quote request.
  • If you’re not sure yet what the best packaging type is right for you, fill out this inquiry form and our team will guide you to the perfect packaging solution.
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Step 2

Discovery and Quote

Having answered these initial questions, that may spur additional ones. Expect us to reach out quickly and further discuss your project if needed.  Collaborating with you and learning about your product, event or promotion allows us to draw on our vast knowledge and experience. Creating the correct packaging, box or display takes some careful thought and this is what separates the Yebo Team from the rest. At the end of this step we should have provided a quote or two with specific options and design suggestoins.

Step 3

Sales Order and Structural Sample

We provide a sales order that shows you what we agreed to manufacture. You approve and provide a 50% deposit. We go to work on the agreed upon structural sample and create a plain undecorated structural sample. We send you the sample for review. We make changes as necessary until we meet your expectations and you approved a structural sample.

Step 4

graphic design and art approval

Assuming the project has decoration. If not this step is skipped. Now that we have approved structural design we provide you with a electronic dieline (a flat PDF drawing of the approved structural sample) with our art guidelines. You then place the art onto the PDF dieline and submit back to us. (If you need graphic design help, we have a team of graphic designers here ready to help) We then review the art and prep it for production and send a final Proof for your approval. Once you approve this final proof we start production

Step 5

Production and shipping

Our standard lead time depend on the type of product we are manufacturing. Digital short run production is usually 3-5 working days. Standard Production boxes are in the 7-10 working days and complicated projects can be 12-18 working days. Regardless of our lead time. We want to know when you need your packaging and we will work to meet your schedule. Once the order is complete, we receive final payment and ship out the product

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