Influencer Boxes

As companies use social marketing to promote their products, the use of "Influencer Kits” or “Influencer Boxes” has been introduced and created a new market for creative packaging.  These kits are created to give that great reveal or presentation to the products exciting the potential Social Media Influencer. This type of packaging, though, has its complications. These complications involve budgets, high quality designs with low production quantities and tight deadlines.  Through past trial and experiences, Yebo Group has provided solutions to many Influencers packaging needs.


The “reveal” or “Unboxing” is a large part of the experience for influencers and customer alike. Making sure every item has a place and is shown in order of importance is a big part of the product or service story.  Delivery to the end user by way of shipping or hand delivery can play a part in how packaging is designed as well.  In addition, the choice of decoration from print, foil, emboss and special coatings can add so much to the idea and reveal. 


Whether you need 10 or 1000 there is usually a budget that needs to be met. Combining this with the vision and material available at Yebo, we can normally make a budget work with a vision.  Sometimes it takes a bit of client flexibility, but we can always offer a solution. 


Some say, “You can’t have a low price, extreme quality and quick turnaround”, but that is exactly how we are set up to operate. We have equipment and materials on the floor to create Influencer kits today!  Of course you might need to be flexible on size and decoration, but we have all that info at our fingertips and can give you pricing, lead times and descriptions based on your input today. 

Contact us today and give us your ideas or requests and one of our consultants will give you a solution to meet your deadline, budget and vision, plus include a picture or 2 of a similar project to show our quality work.  Stop searching and let us find your solution.

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