Invitation Boxes

Evite... Nah! Mail invitation.....Nah! Got a high end event or need to make sure you get the attention of your invitee?  We have the solution!  Create a custom invitation box.  Inside we can build a custom box insert to put the formal invitation or some party swag.  We have done wedding invitations, party gift boxes and corporate event boxes.  All of these projects below are the idea of the event planner or party planner and we collaborated with thier idea to make a custom invitation box.  From a few to 1000's we can provide a solution to meet your budget, timeline or design.  You throw an expensive event or party and you want to impress your guests.  Start with a custom invite box that begins to tell the story.


Our custom box consultants are ready to help you.  Call us for your solution at 800-356-0267 or fill out our Get Started Form for a fast response.

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