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Our Story

Yebo [‘jebau] - sentence subsitute

A South African informal expression of affirmation
[Zulu yebo yes, I agree]

The Yebo Group is an all-in-one packaging and printing solution. Whether you're a startup or a big corporation, Yebo amplifies the impact of your product by providing the most advanced custom printing and packaging options in the industry.

As a trusted packaging manufacturer located in Orange County, we work with some of the biggest brands. Continuously solving our customer's packaging needs while challenging the packaging industry standards.

Our goal is to inspire consumer packaging solutions for the world. Yebo has made this a hallmark of our success by partnering with our clients and growing with them. Simply put, we’re not just a vendor but a qualified extension of your team. We believe that good packaging delivers products, but great packaging creates inspirational brands.

Get Ready for Great Packaging!

Yes to your design.

We make that extension a reality by assigning a dedicated expert to your project throughout your entire timeline - from concept to execution. Your dedicated consultant will source and monitor all aspects of production to ensure quality, efficiency and timeliness. This “single-source” contact approach not only minimizes communication levels, but enables our customers to confirm their orders by contacting the person who can best handle the project– Your “YEBO!” consultant.

Yes to your budget.

We also determine source production on a product-by-product basis which allows us to take advantage of the differences in production capabilities and the various niche products offered by different manufacturing companies. Having established industry competence and strong vendor relationships, “YEBO!” continues to gain market-share by delivering exceptional custom boxes and packaging products at the most cost-effective price.

Our Certifications

Sustainability - Quality - Safety - Printing


ISO Certification
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Meet Our Team Members

Supplying our customers with the best products and services available supports our goal at being the best at what we do. We look forward to earning your business and allowing your company to experience the many benefits and results that come from partnering with “YEBO!”.

photo of Andrew Tosh

Andrew Tosh


aka "Dreamer", Andrew has his hands full with his twin daughters and smoking meat, low and slow.

photo of Michael Marquez

Michael Marquez


"The World Needs Packaging" That’s Michael's credo! Outside of work he enjoys DIY projects and the outdoors.

photo of Miguel Sampablo

Miguel Sampablo


Numbers, numbers, all he cares about are numbers, however on the weekend you may find him thinking about zzz's.

photo of Andy Vaca

Andy Vaca

CISO / Systems Engineer

Andy speaks Geek and English, outside of work he can be found outdoors. Favorite Quote "Real Artist Ship" -S.J.

photo of Charlotte Myers

Charlotte Myers

Packaging Consultant

Outside of the office, you can find Charlotte soaking up the California Sunshine, and enjoying all things food.

photo of Chet Prak

Chet Prak

Packaging Consultant

When do you need it? Ah… Well I guess we'll get-r done! Plus you can always find him on the water catching fish.

photo of Joydeep Bhattacharya

Joydeep Bhattacharya

Packaging Consultant

The true "Yes" man, coffee is for closers, but he does not need it. He is the "Yebo" man.

photo of Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson

Project Manager

Mike P. likes beach bike/boat rides, the mountains, playing softball & golf, time with friends, and Angel games.

photo of Brian MacMillan

Brian MacMillan

Packaging Consultant

Brian the box magnet, has a can-do attitude and the goal to make you the perfect box for the best price.

photo of Dave Rowden

Dave Rowden

Packaging Consultant

Rowden lives life on his toes and always does the hard stuff first.

photo of Joe Hartman

Joe Hartman

Packaging Consultant

Joe's passion for printing started in college. It’s even stronger today making packaging, but there’s no longer free beer...

photo of Ernesto Herrera

Ernesto Herrera

Senior Structural Designer

Only loves 3 things in life, his bed, his momma, and packaging.

photo of George Mathews

George Mathews

Pressroom Manager

aka "Mr.Fix-it" if it breaks, he's the man to fix it. You can always catch this New Yorker, in his signature shorts all year round.

photo of Juzlia Cruzfield

Juzlia Cruzfield

Structural Manager

A packaging goddess if you ask her daughter. If you can imagine it, she can turn it into a box.

photo of Mark Etherton

Mark Etherton

Pre-Press Manager

aka "Eagle Eye" he has an eye for pre-press design and has been in the industry for over +35 years.

photo of Paul Phogasavithas

Paul Phogasavithas

Pre-Press Graphic Designer

The pre-press packaging ninja. The unseen hero of the press.

photo of Sharon Pegram

Sharon Pegram

Sr. Project Manager

Yebo's favorite "Sweet Heart" always happy to help with your packaging projects

photo of Michael Panganiban

Michael Panganiban

Project Manager

An organizational hero dedicated to the imposition of order upon chaos, even if chaos is perfectly happy with the status quo.

photo of Lisa Ayers

Lisa Ayers

Project Manager

Like a puzzle, she's a wiz at putting all the pieces together to make packaging dreams come true.

photo of Bryan Bolt

Bryan Bolt

Production Coordinator

"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep balance, you must keep moving."

photo of Tyler Garland

Tyler Garland

Marketing Manager

Just a Nor-Cal guy living in a So-Cal world, marketing guru, and tiki fanatic.

photo of Nancy Allen

Nancy Allen

ISO Certification

Fancy Nancy, is our miss johnny on the spot, and if you are lucky she'll tell you a tale of her days as a 911 operator.

photo of Tim Rahman

Tim Rahman


photo of Carly Melin

Carly Melin

Packaging Consultant

photo of Jacqueline Marin

Jacqueline Marin

Structural Designer

photo of Mary Coleman

Mary Coleman

Packaging Consultant

photo of Rachel Heidemann

Rachel Heidemann

Packaging Consultant

photo of Catalina Martinez

Catalina Martinez

Project Manager

photo of Danielle Hartman

Danielle Hartman

Structural Designer

photo of AJ Arriola

AJ Arriola

2nd Shift Production Coordinator

photo of Charlotte Myers

Meet Charlotte Myers, one of our Packaging Consultants

Outside of the office, you can find Charlotte soaking up the California sunshine, and enjoying all things food.

photo of Joydeep Bhattacharya

Meet Joydeep Bhattacharya, one of our Packaging Consultants

The true “Yes” man, coffee is for closers, but he does not need it. He is the “Yebo” man.

photo of Brian MacMillan

Meet Brian MacMillan, one of our Packaging Consultants

Brian the box magnet, has a can-do attitude and the goal to make you the perfect box for the best price.

photo of Joe Hartman

Meet Joe Hartman, one of our Packaging Consultants

Your Trail Guide to bring you through the mountains of packaging possibilities. No wilderness is too tough to cross.

photo of Dave Rowden

Meet Dave Rowden, one of our Packaging Consultants

Dave lives life on his toes and is always up for a new challenge no matter the complexity.

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