Black Boxes

You can achieve an all black box in only one way.  Start with a solid black paper.  Anything different than that and you will end up with some edges or corners showing the native color of the initial material used, typically white.   Make Sense??  If not give us a call to discuss.  800-356-0267


Problem with Black Paper boxes and decorating them is that traditional print does not work.  Standard offset printed boxes are printed with translucent inks.  Translucent inks use the white base color of paper to let your eye see the real color [printed.  When you print translucent inks on black they go away.  Luckily we can Print a layer of white onto the solid black board and then print additoinal colors on top, creating a great looking black full color printed box.  But this might not meet everyones budget.  There are alot of options in paper and print when making a primarily black box and we have alot of answers.


Please reach out to us to discuss your needs and budget.  We will find a solution and provide answers. Fill out our contact form or call us.

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