Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Boxes and packaging ideas?! YES! or YEBO! We have a talented packaging design team here at YEBO! ready to assist you. Call us today at 1 (800)356-0267 or fill out our a form and we will get back to you ASAP!


Our decoration options for cosmetic boxes include:


Printing Boxes - Print can be direct print, offset print or fglexoprint depending on a few factors including quantity, timeline and your desired graphics. Our consultants will direct you based on your needs.


Foil Stamped Boxes - Foil stamping is the process of using a copper or magnesium die that with pressure and heat transfers metallic or matte foil material to a substrate.  This is great for Black Boxes that use solid black paper or other Colored Paper Boxes.


Embossed boxes - This is the process of using a copper or magnesium die to "push" the paper out and create texture.  This can be registered to art or a "blind" emboss where there is not decoration or graphic being embossed.  Embossing is trending in Invitation Boxes currently.


Debossing Boxes - Like embosssing we push your design into the paper.  The difference is debossing pushs the paper in.  This can be a blind deboss, most common, or registed to print.  Also very common for plain inner pack boxes a beboss is used as a inexpensive way too create a part number on a box verse having to print. 


Coatings - Coating put on top of the printed or plain sheets as a final step or as a mid step can be applied to your custom box.  Examples include Aqueous (water based) Gloss, Matte, Satin or Soft Touch.  UV Gloss and Matte.  Film laminatin in Matte, Gloss or Soft Touch. Many times we combine a Matte or Soft Touch coating with a contrasting Gloss UV to add depth to your custom packaging, see example here.

View work we have done for previous projects below! 

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