Vape and Cannabis Packaging

Sativa Boxes, Hybrid Sleeves, Indica Pre-rolls Boxes or the latest Edible packaging.  E-liquid Boxes, Electronic Cigarette packaging or batteries. We have manufatured cannabis and vape packaging for many growers, distributors and fillers.  Have 10 flavors with different amounts of Nicotine making the project 40 Skus?  We have answers.


In additiona, we have a very creative structural design department that can create the Cannabis or Vape custom box to stand out among the rest.  When it comes to Cannabis and vape Packaging using the right structural design combined with the printed box embellishments will help sell your product.  See our embellishment options for retail packaging here


One nice thing about Yebo is we can do small runs or large combinations with many versions and sku's.  Contact our Packaging Consultants by calling 800-356-0267 or fill out our contact form.


We Manufacture in Southern California and have short lead times and prices to meet your budget. Stop searching for custom boxes and contact us.

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