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Top 6 ways to make Retail Boxes help sell your products

We have all heard the old adage “Packaging Sells”. When you buy an Apple product the unboxing of your new phone or even Apple accessory is an experience like no other. In fact, Steve Jobs said, “Packaging can be theater, it can create a story”. Unfortunately we all cannot create Apple style packaging for a number of reasons, but we still need the packaging to tell a story and create the consumers need to have your product. For custom boxes that story can be told in 3 main ways. Touch, Visual and Informatory.

Here are the top 6 ways to make retail printed boxes tell the story, so you sell more.

  1. Box Material

Choice of a unique substrate or paper to compliment your value. While many folding cartons are created out of standard white SBS paper, there are many types of paper that can create a unique experience for your consumer and these papers can provide visual, tactile and informatory messages. Papers are not just white. We offer papers that are Kraft(brown) for a recycled or natural look. We have papers that are 100% post-consumer recycled and recyclable for the environmentally conscious products. We have colored papers that look like concrete or are solid Red, black or green to create that high end luxury look. We have papers with texture that is both felt and seen. Your choice in the material for your retail boxes is important and should be explored.

  1. Custom Box Shape

Sure most boxes are rectangle and this shape is the most efficient to manufacture. Sometimes a net fit around your product is the best solution. But many times creating a box structure to give a unique shape or view of your product can really help advertise your product. Adding a window with or without a film patch gives insight into your product. We have created Hexagon boxes, Telescoping boxes, Octagon boxes and triangular boxes to name a few different shapes, but many more re available. In addition to the outside appearance, the inside of the box is important as well. No one wants to buy a product and take it home only to see that it has been damaged. Creating an insert or inner partition to support the product adds value. We can create that structural design that will help you sell more products. Contact us (800) 356-0267

  1. Custom Box Sizes

The bigger the box the more space you have to tell your story. Often times we create a box larger than the product. Just like those bags of chips that are only half full, we create boxes to give more space to advertise your product and add value. Even though the product is a small jar or bottle having more billboard space to tell the story and giving it a larger presence gives it more value. We can design the structure of your custom box to a size that makes sense for your market and advertising space. Contact us for a free consultation and structural sample box made for your product.

  1. Print and Graphic Boxes

The copy, images and graphics that are printed on the outside of the box tell the story and if done properly can help sell your product. In some instances the best text is one that tells the consumer immediately what the product is! So many times we see packaging that when you look at the box you cannot tell what the product is or does, or why you should buy it. In today’s busy consumer market you have 1-2 seconds to tell your story and stop the consumer in their tracks. If you have not spent millions to create brand awareness, your logo, however important to you, is typically unrecognizable to the consumer. Graphics and your message is extremely important to making your product sell.

  1. Box Coating and Finishes

Finishes give strong visual and sometime tactile impressions as we as transmit feeling and value. Considering most custom retail boxes have a standard gloss finish you can enhance your chances of consumers buying your product by adding different coatings to set yourself apart. A Matte Aqueous coating looks great over dark or light print and gives the sense of high class or expensive. Soft Touch Aqueous coating makes the box feel silky smooth and luxurious. UV Gloss coating give a super high gloss finish to your box. For the ultimate in finishes Film lamination can be placed over the art to protect it and give that Matte, Gloss or Silky touch tot eh outside of the custom box. Combining these coatings is the most effective solution. Many times we manufacture retail boxes for cosmetics or cannabis that include a matte or soft touch coating with a contrasting Gloss over certain parts of the graphics. Give a call to our packaging consultants to discuss your project, we are happy to share our knowledge and find solutions to meet your budget.

  1. Box Embellishments

Here is the final decoration techniques you can use to stop the buyer and make him pick up your product. Textures can be added by embossing or debossing the box. A touch of class can be created by doing a blind deboss on your box. Foil Stamping gives that flash needed to excite the consumer. Metallic colors like gold and silver are common, but there are also holographic foils and many other colors. We have some special techniques when it comes to colored papers that we can apply colored foils to give gloss or matte finishes. Our years of combined experience and our in house foil system can produce incredible results to help sell your product. Make your packaging stand out using these embellishments.

In summary the more unique you can make your package appealing to the senses the better chance you have to stop the consumer and have them spend more time with your product. Then your product can do its job. Through paper choice, Box style, Packaging Size, Graphics, Coatings and Embellishments you can make your custom retail box stand apart from the competition. For examples of all these options visit our website or give our Yebo Packaging Consultants a call. We want your product to sell as when it sells we sell.

Retail packaging for the cosmetic, cannabis, and vape industries are very similar in the marketing approach. Although we have 5 senses when developing packaging for these industries we have 3 to appeal to; Visual, Tactile, and Olfactory.

Our fast turnaround times mean that you’ll receive your custom box packaging order without delay. We also provide customized packaging estimates upon request. Contact us or call 1(800) 356-0267.

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